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The LichtWesen Team


When we say that our company aims to help people recognise their own, true being, then this applies equally to everyday business life at LichtWesen. So we make use of the challenges we face in working together in order to promote our own personal development and live fulfilled lives.

Many staff here have been working for many years at LichtWesen. A few have even been here for more than ten years. Some began on a casual basis and then their involvement grew with the company. That also means their responsibility grew and they helped to develop the new fields which the company now works in. We are proud of this.

Nonetheless, we are also a “normal” company with normal labour contracts, salaries and the normal differences to be found amongst people working together. After all, we are humans, not angels. Humans with the goal of living and working in a conscious and fulfilling way.

Soon you will find photos of the team here.