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The founders of LichtWesen

How it all began

During a meditation in 1993 we, Petra Schneider and Gerhard Pieroth, received a “job offer” of a very unusual kind: to bring ethereal energies into the world in the form of essences. In spite of our doubts and fears we started the project “LichtWesen” – the name for the being of light within a human.

Initially we produced the essences only for us: for our own path of resolving energetic blockages and living more consciously. Then we started sharing them with friends. We only found the courage to offer them publicly after feedback and tests (which we commissioned) clearly demonstrated that these energised tools were having very powerful effects for people other than just ourselves. A friend lent us some money since the initial investments were higher than we could finance and banks would not have lent us money for an idea which was so “out of touch with the real world”. In November 1995 the first essences went public: the 21 Master Essences.

At the beginning we did everything ourselves, from mixing to filling or packing and taking the packages to the post office. The project grew slowly, but much too slowly for us. The first years were dominated by calculations as we repeatedly had to calculate whether the income was enough to pay the rent and make the necessary investments. It took a long time until the income really covered our costs. However, we received help from the spiritual world: the seminars we were running attracted so many participants that we could live from that income and build up the company.

Meanwhile, LichtWesen products are being used by a wide variety of people in many different countries. We frequently test the quality and effects of our LichtWesen products, which have repeatedly received distinctions at trade fairs. At the HarmonyWorld trade fair LichtWesen as a company even received an award for “serving as a role-model”, and for being a firm which “stands out because of its unusual level of professionalism, integrity and creative courage”. This expresses very well the intentions shared by everyone in the LichtWesen team.