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Petra Schneider

Dr. Petra Schneider, born in 1960, studied Agricultural Sciences at graduate and postgraduate level at the University of Bonn. In 1990 she completed an additional training for civil servants and started work at the Chamber of Agriculture. There she worked on issues related to environmental protection in the agricultural sector, lignite and village development.
During that time a personal crisis led to her devoting more and more importance to the question of the meaning of life. She realised that her work would not be that which fulfilled her. As a civil servant in Germany she had life-long job security, but nonetheless she gave this up as she quit her job and began to seriously investigate ethereal energies, alternative healing techniques, meditations and opportunities for holistic self-development. This included undergoing training to become a Reiki teacher, an NLP practitioner and meditation teacher.

Today she runs LichtWesen AG, holds seminars in Germany and abroad, and is the author of numerous books.