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Meditation for awareness

We were advised to support humanity and the Earth with a joint meditation for more awareness. We were also asked to also organise this on a larger scale.

Since it can be especially powerful when many people meditate at a particular time, I am inviting you to join in by meditating – alone or in a group – at the same time as us. With this meditation for more awareness we would like to support all people seeking to find solutions which can contribute to long-lasting peace. If you pass this information on to as many people as possible, that would be very helpful.

The next Meditations

every Sunday 10.00 a.m. – CET
(November 27.; December 4., 11.. und 18.)

every Wednesday 21.00 p.m. – CET
(November 30. ; December 7., 14. und 21. )

1.    Direct your attention to your heart and connect with the power and love which your heart has.
2.    Connect to the love and awareness of the Earth.
3.    Request all people meditating for awareness to form a channel or field of consciousness which can act as a conduit for the pure power of awareness flowing to the Earth.
4.    Also ask for this increased awareness to be integrated – request the help of spiritual, light helpers who are working in harmony with love and the Creation plan.
5.    Now invite the Silver Ray of mercy.
6.    Connect to the highest consciousness and request this energy to flow throughout the world, especially to the places it is most urgently needed.
7.    End the meditation by allowing the power of awareness and the Silver Ray of mercy to flow once more into your own body energy system.

With this meditation, we also want to support the quest for solutions for a long-term peace. If you pass this information on to as many people as possible, that would be very helpful.
After the first joint meditation for awareness, which took place after the attacks in Paris, we received numerous responses. Many people perceived the energy to be very clear and powerful. And many wanted to repeat it, together with others. Some have asked if we could provide a spoken guided version of this meditation, especially with supportive music in the background. We have taken up this idea and there are two versions (both in German) available to download from our LichtWesen website – one with and one without music. Of course, it is also very helpful and valuable to perform this meditation at other times, in addition to the indicated time for joint meditation.

Meditation with music


Meditation without music



With heartfelt gratitude,

Petra Schneider

Shantidevi Felgenhauer

Elke Antara Minerva