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The Power of the Elohim and the Colour Rays

The Elohim are powerful angelic beings which accompany and watch over the process of Creation. Today, in the era of change, they are also at our side to help humans who wish to develop.

The Elohim work via twelve different Colour Rays, which belong to the Creation Rays. Each of the twelve colours has a special, powerful energy and enormous powers of transformation.

The energy of the Colour Rays helps to liberate us from old and burdensome patterns of thought and behaviour. It can resolve energetic blocks, trauma and karmic loads. This energy also harmonises and strengthens our energy system. It activates self-healing powers so that people who work with it can recognise their true being and become whole on all levels.

These seminars help you to connect to the energy of the individual Colour Rays so you can work with these energies with more ease and power. You learn techniques to help you use this power for yourself and for others.

This topic is very wide-ranging so we have split it into thematically related seminars:

  • Health and Alignment (3 days): Elohim Green, Violet, Magenta
  • Skills and Knowledge (3 days): Elohim Yellow, Turquoise, White
  • Power and Clarity (3 days): Elohim Red, Blue, Pink
  • Principles of Creation (3 days):  Elohim Gold, Silver, Crystalline
  •  Developing Potential (3 days): Elohim and Creation Rays Yellow, Turquoise, White
  • Colour Rays (2 days): The Creation Rays
  • The Healing Power of the Elohim (2 days)