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Seminar leader Anneliese Obermann

Anneliese ObermannAnneliese Obermann was among the first users of LichtWesen products. As a homeopath, she opened her own practice in Berlin in 1989, specialising in natural health and family constellation work. She runs seminars and offers further training in the fields of homeopathy and systemic therapy. With regards to LichtWesen, she organises Touch of Oneness and Soul Energy seminars and is a seminar leader for Elohim seminars, meditation evenings and LichtWesen Intensive seminars in Berlin and Istanbul. In the latter, participants receive comprehensive training in how to us our products and applications, both for themselves and as part of therapeutical work.

You can find out more about Anneliese Obermann and her work on the website of her natural health practice.

I have been working as a homeopath for 25 years in my own practice, having gained a very deep connection with this work due to my own healing. In the mid-80s I had a serious illness and a near-death experience, leading to a radical change in my life and then healing. So homeopathy was the first part of my path. But very soon LichtWesen came into my life. Wonderful personal encounters and experiences with the Master Essences – at that time these were the only ones – meant that my patients, too, could experience what I took into the change. In this way, the LichtWesen energies very quickly became integrated into my work and have remained so. Many of my patients use them for their own “path of health”. And I really enjoy leading Elohim seminars, meditation evenings and LichtWesen Intensive seminars. The LichtWesen energies are such a great support for me, so I can really say ‘I have found my way back to myself’!”