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Seminar leader Carmen Sbresny

Carmen Sbresny

is a natural health practitioner, Reiki teacher and NLP Master. For many years she has been actively interested in the fields of spirituality, meditation, light consciousness and ethereal energies, and in recent years also the spiritual knowledge of the Incas. She constantly expands her spectrum with further training in methods of healthcare, healing and energy work. She has been giving Reiki training courses since 2000, meditation courses since 2003 and has been trained by Petra Schneider to lead the Soul seminar.

Carmen Sbresny lives with her family near Freiburg and is owner of a gem stone and gift store, where her customers can discover treasures large and small relating to spirituality, health and well-being, as well as the LichtWesen essences.

“Personal development and personal growth are particularly important to me. Expanding our consciousness enables wonderful changes, helps our self-actualisation and lends us more happiness, satisfaction and zest for life. The Soul Seminar accepts every participant as they currently are and helps them make further progress – regardless whether they are just at the beginning or experienced practitioners. It always fascinates me how lightly and easily this seminar makes profound experiences possible for everybody.”