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Seminar leader Gerhard K. Pieroth

Gerhard K. PierothGerhard K. Pieroth is an engineer and a co-founder of LichtWesen AG. Jointly with Dr. Petra Schneider he developed many of the LichtWesen products as tools for increased consciousness and a fulfilling life – tools that in the meantime have helped many people on their life path. Together with Dr. Petra Schneider he is the author of numerous bestsellers. He is a trained meditation and Reiki teacher. For many years now, he has been holding talks and workshops worldwide on LichtWesen products and their use.


1. Personal Consultations (duration usually 30 minutes)

2. Speeches for your customers (usually 2 hrs including time for questions if in the evening)

3. Education on Energetic/Vibrational Essences in general

4. Education on the LichtWesen and LightBeings products

5. Advanced education on the use of LichtWesen and LightBeings products.

6. Education on spiritual Self-Development and Meditation

7. Living Sat – living your live in the state of supreme consciousness

8. Retreats of Meditation, Energy-Work and Holistic Wellbeing and Health

If this finds your interest, please communicate with Gerhard Karl Pieroth via LWGERHARD@GMAIL.COM.