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Seminar Touch of Oneness

The energy of touch

This seminar – being touched by oneness – is a gift from the spirit world. These methods use cosmic powers, the highest consciousness of the Earth and the loving power of the spirit beings to open up our view for the truth. In this way, we can develop our individual abilities, all-encompassing awareness and the divine spark in their full power and beauty – in our body and in our entire life. It re-establishes harmony with the whole and helps us to recognise and live out our Self.

Our true nature, our Self, can be experienced here and now, since it is always present. However, this knowledge fades into the background because of our identification with our physical body. It is as if the sun is hidden behind clouds. We restrict ourselves and our abilities because of our ego concepts, such as “I can’t do that” or “I’m not worthy of that”. We block ourselves and cut ourselves off from peace, knowledge, wisdom and joy.

Touch of Oneness helps us to recognise and appreciate our small “I am”, our current state, our self-image, identifications and belief patterns. And then to open the door to the large “I am”, the divine consciousness. Body and mind are helped to recognise the truth.

The spirit beings which accompany these methods are Metatron, Christ, Mary and Ra (the highest consciousness on Earth). Energetic blockages on all levels can be resolved. In particular, this clears up our spinal region, which is the physical area connecting cosmic and earthly energies. Increasingly we recognise who we really are and what we want to live.

The seminar teaches us the ability to work with this energy by means of guided meditations and numerous practical exercises. Touch of Oneness works with the power of unconditional love and the connections to supportive beings and energies from the spirit world. A certificate at the end of the seminar certifies you as “Touch of Oneness Practitioner”, which means you can use the methods to benefit yourself, other people or even animals, plants or the whole world.