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You appear to have the courage to be happy!

Many of us want to live in a fulfilling way and also remain stable in difficult situations. The energising products from LichtWesen can support us in this. They help to change stressful ways of behaving and to find power, joy and fulfillment. This has been shown by our own experience and the feedback from numerous customers for almost 20 years.

wohlbefindenIn 1995 we began to sell ethereal essences, with no expectation whatsoever that these would become known around the world and be used by growing numbers of enthusiastic customers. They are tinctures and essential oils that can accompany, strengthen and support you in your everyday life and personal development. As well as the essences with a spiritual power, we now also offer many essences that have been specially developed for everyday issues – the Theme Essences. So you can live out every facet of your being in a conscious and fulfilling way.