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Power, relaxation, protection

Power for everyday life, relaxation and stress relief, protection and stability

We need power to cope with challenging situations and for those repetitive tasks we are faced with every day.

Stress, excessive demands, times when increased performance is needed, or lack of sleep: all of these burden our body. Especially in times such as these we need strength but also recuperation and relaxation. Inner tension can make it difficult to ‘switch off’, however. The following LichtWesen products help us to relax and maintain our composure for longer.

Even if disturbances occur repeatedly, a healthy body itself can restore a balanced, stable state. We experience disturbances almost every day: emotionally difficult situations, stress, fear and sadness, disappointment, psychological conflicts, environmental toxins in the air we breathe or food we eat. Our body, and especially its ethereal fabric is also disturbed by radiation, such as that from mobile phones, electrical devices and telecommunications transmitters. So it makes a great deal of sense to stabilise and protect our bodies.