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selbstenfaltungMany therapists in Germany and abroad are using LichtWesen products in their daily work. Here we have put together a selection of products and methods which are particularly suitable for therapeutic work.

Many ancient cultures in Egypt, Greece, China, Tibet and the Americas used the power of the colours for the benefit of humans and today therapists are also using colours in a variety of ways.
Each colour ray gives off a different energetic impulse, works on a different issue and sends particular vibrational information. So by choosing the appropriate colour ray, a selected blockage can be targeted or specific disturbances brought back into balance.

Application of LichtWesen Crystals

The Elohim and Creation Ray crystals can be placed on selected acupuncture points, healing areas or on regions that are sensitive or inflicted with a particular complaint. It has proven to be good practice to trust your inner wisdom and intuition when applying the crystals. You can even ask the Elohim and the powers of the Creation Rays to help you additionally by guiding you during their application and to ensure their effects help to restore order and alignment with the Creation plan.
The crystals can also be a powerful supplement during massages, by massaging directly with the crystals, for example. During foot reflexology massages in particular, the energy of the colour ray will flow into and through the whole body in addition to the impulses given by the massage. A similar effect can be observed while massaging hands or ears.

Therapists use the crystals for clarification and to harmonise the energy system. If you take lay the flat side of the crystal on the body, it clarifies and cleanses the energy system. The pointed side then charges the body with the power of that particular colour.

The effects of the LichtWesen colour crystals can be enhanced with light. Krypton or xenon bulbs are recommended since they emit light with a more complete spectrum of colours. LichtWesen can also supply a Maglite torch with a special attachment which can house one or two crystals.


Application of LichtWesen Body Crystals

A small plaster or the special body adhesive supplied can be used to stick the body crystals directly on the skin – on chakras, acupuncture points or just on painful areas. Alternatively, crystals with the desired colours can be put into small glass tubes. These tubes can then be held in the hand, carried on the body or put into a small bag of natural materials to be stuck to the skin in the appropriate place on the body.
Before applying the body crystals they should be cleaned with alcohol to remove any traces of oils or grease.


Application of the LichtWesen Elohim oils

Blended into massage oil or in a water-alcohol tincture it can be applied directly to the skin. Via a diffuser such as a fleece wick, aroma stone, oil lamp or fountain, the Elohim oils can fill a whole room with the energetic vibration of the chosen Colour Ray. Or they can be dribbled onto a handkerchief or blended into cosmetics, shower gel or body lotion.
Elohim Colour Ray spray: Take a small spray bottle and half-fill it with alcohol. Add a few drops of the Elohim oil and shake well. This ensures the Elohim oil is well mixed with the alcohol. Then fill up the bottle with water. A ratio of 1/2 alcohol (30-40%) and 1/2 water has proven to be very suitable. For a total of 50 ml liquid, we recommend 5-10 drops of the essential oil – depending on how intensive you want the aroma to be. If 96% alcohol is used, then you only need 1/3 alcohol, and 2/3 water.