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Blend of the Year 2015

Flourish and Success
Information on the LichtWesen® Blend of the Year 2015
from Petra Schneider

Blend of the Year 2015
•    becoming visible and being seen
•    taking the next steps in an upright and powerful way
•    letting opportunities and abilities flourish
•    success
•    regaining balance and stability whenever needed
•    adapting to requirements while remaining true to ourselves
•    clearing up obstructive affairs
•    untiringly keeping our goals in sight

2015 has the energy of Spring: Nature is blossoming and the work in our garden is beginning. The key issues here are shaping our reality and putting project ideas and visions into practice. In other words: They become visible and real.
Which means we also become visible and will be seen. So sometimes we need both courage to step out of the shadows and strength to cope with the issues of being visible, as well as backbone to stand up for ourselves. This Blend of the Year supports us in all of this. It helps many aspects and abilities to flourish which we did not even suspect were hidden within us!
Especially in our professional life – and here this includes the occupations of being a housewife or mother – we will be successful if we aim for success in a determined and untiring way, assuming responsibility and overcoming both inner and outer resistance and adversities. It is crucial to remain in flow and repeatedly check what is important NOW, what we want NOW and what is appropriate NOW.
The Blend of the Year 2015 carries the energies of Helion, Christ, Gold Creation Ray, Elemental Balance, White Elohim Ray and Gabriel. It helps us to flourish more intensely and also enhances our clear perception of context and connections as well as our ability to sense the right time to act.

The Aspects

Showing ourselves (Helion) – We all have a natural radiance but this is often overshadowed by constricting beliefs from our childhood, painful experiences and traumas. So the more we trust ourselves to be who we really are, the more distinctive our charisma will be. We will become visible.

Standing up for ourselves (Christ) – Remaining true to ourselves and not jumping through other people’s hoops – this needs backbone. With a strong backbone we can continue along our path in a powerful and untiring way.

Success (Golden Creation Ray) – As well as the gifts we receive (also known as coincidences), success also requires our active contribution: taking the necessary steps, sometimes nimble-footed, sometimes more slowly, but always untiring and tenaciously. This is supported by the golden ray of creation.

Remaining in equilibrium (Elemental Balance) – Every development also has difficult phases and turbulent times. If we manage to remain in balance, any challenge can become an interesting adventure.
Cleansing and resolving obstructions (White Elohim Ray) – When a rose blossoms, the leaves covering it loosen and fall away. This is a completely natural process which we can support energetically.

Courageously keep going, even if things are difficult (Gabriel) – “Although you are not married, you will become pregnant with the Son of God. Those around you will not understand and will scorn you. However, take delight in this.” This was the Archangel’s message for Mary. And this is the message and gift for us, too, especially if we feel a lack of hope, or misunderstood and rejected by others.

Supportive meditation:
Full of awareness, absorb the nourishing energy of the Earth. You can do this by imagining this energy flowing through your feet into your body and your entire energy system. You can do this anywhere: While you are taking a walk, while you are waiting somewhere, while you are lying in bed, or when you are sitting at your desk. It is particularly important to carry out this exercise if you feel tired, exhausted or overloaded. Or if your body needs strength because it is ill.

The energies of the Blend of the Year are also present in the Angel of the Year 2015 from Isi – which additionally carries the Pink Elohim Ray.

 42 - Blend of the Year 2015

42 - Blend of the Year 2015

  • Becoming visible and being seen
  • taking the next steps in an upright and powerful way
  • letting opportunities and abilities flourish
  • success
  • Regaining balance and stability whenever needed
  • adapting to requirements while remaining true to ourselves
  • Clearing up obstructive affairs
  • untiringly keeping our goals in sight

Also available as the hand-made Angel of the Year 2015

€22.90 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)
ISI Angel of the Year 2015

ISI Angel of the Year 2015

“Flourish and Success” is the topic of the LichtWesen Angel of the Year 2015.

  • hand-made by glass artist Elke Kahl
  • body from Murano and atelier glass
  • energised by Petra Schneider with the energies of the LichtWesen Blend of the Year and the Pink Elohim Ray
  • limited edition (1,000 pieces)
€39.90 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)