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Blend of the Year 2016

Strength and effectivity – Truthfulness
Information on the LichtWesen® Blend of the Year 2016
from Petra Schneider

Blend of the Year 2016
•    rising above ourselves
•    powerful effectivity
•    remaining in love and truth, having backbone
•    mastering crises, growing through challenges
•    stabilising ourselves, remaining stable and finding our centre
•    connection to the power of the Earth
•    vitality for our body

In 2016 we can rise above ourselves, taking effective action thanks to a ‘blessing from heaven’. The fruits of 2015 are becoming visible and want to be ‘processed’. In this way, 2016 will be an eventful ‘working year’ when we can achieve a great deal if we act courageously, daring to do what we want. If we take action, we will gain ‘help from above’. However, it is still important to be aware, to act from truth, to have backbone, to remain in love and to stay connected with the higher consciousness. We should avoid acting impetuously. We need to look closely before we do anything, since in 2016 the impacts of our deeds and our inner attitude will be visible very quickly.
Unforeseeable events, crises and difficulties will upset quite a few of our plans. Some things end and some new possibilities will open up. We can learn to remain in our inner peace, strength and connection in spite of any turbulences around us. In this way, we can find unconventional solutions and surprising opportunities.
It is also especially important to assume our responsibility for our own body and take good care of it: exercise, nature and nutrition, as well as conscious planning of out-times and relaxation.
The Blend of the Year 2016 can support us in this, providing assistance from the Red Elohim Ray and the energies of Uriel, Earth, Kamakura, Hilarion and Christ.

The Aspects
Finding our place in life (Hilarion) – effective worldly action while remaining in connection to higher consciousness and tranquillity.
Putting visions into effect (Uriel) – bringing mind, body and soul into harmony and putting visions into action. With zest for life, confidence, awareness, vigour and decisiveness, we can master the challenges we face.
Powerful effectivity, vitality (Red Elohim Ray) – being strong, courageous and untiring. This energy is fuel for action and for our body.
Targeted action (Kamakura) – focussed and centred, with appropriate strength and speed, taking action at the right time.
Taking action in truth and love (Christ) – remaining true to ourselves even during difficult phases, assuming responsibility for ourselves, and feeling supported.
Being nourished (Earth) – with the power of the Earth, having a stable body and powerful effects. Earth also enhances stamina, composure and patience.

Supportive meditation: Establish your connections with the power of the Earth and with cosmic vitality. Be aware how they fill your body and your energy systems, stabilising, nourishing and healing you, giving you power. Also, connect to your inner wisdom, to your soul or to supportive powers and ask to receive clear and understandable advice.
The energy of the Blend of the Year is available as a tincture and in a LichtWesen crystal (height 65 mm).

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