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Energy of the Moment – 11. 01. 2016

What is important to me – Training stability

What is now
•    What do I want? – checking and adapting our vision again
•    aggressive moods – making use of these to help train our stability
•    fear and sadness are in the air
•    time for rest and recovery
•    regularly re-aligning ourselves with our inner light
•    What is important to me?

The energy of the twelve nights after Christmas has strengthened our connection to our soul and to our life vision. During that period, many of us felt the need for peace, withdrawal and recuperation – for some of us this was encouraged by our bodies becoming ill, forcing us to come to rest. Now we can renew our alignment with our priorities: What do I want to commit myself to? What do I want to offer? Which structures or platforms can I use or create for this? Which tangible steps can I take now or prepare, in order to help my vision become reality? For these questions, we will receive powerful support from our soul level and the spirit world.
In December I received an image of us as seeds in a prepared bed. Now these seeds have sprouted into little plants and we can once again check on them to see if they are suitable, and what they need for their further growth.

Sometimes a vision is not yet “ripe”. It is still very intangible or in its very early stages. Nonetheless, we can still use the supportive energy of the moment to align ourselves with it – as if we turn to face the direction of the next location we want to visit, without yet being able to see the place itself.

•    Training stability
I am aware of quite an aggressiveness which people are also resonating with, resulting, for example, in sharper words than a situation really calls for. Accusations and attacks are being made. So this time our training is to not resonate with the surrounding energy, not to feel hurt, insulted or offended and not to be tempted to retaliate ‘like for like’. Instead, we can make use of the situation to discover our inner stability again and to deepen it. It can be helpful to observe our feelings, thoughts, impulses and inspirations. Breathing deeply supports us in gaining some distance from our own feelings. We can also treat the ‘attacker’ as our ‘trainer’: showing us what we need to become stable.

•    Fear and sadness
Fear and sadness are in the air. Empathic people in particular are resonating with this.

•    Rest and recuperation
Integration is needed of new and changed aspects. So there is still a need to take time for rest, recuperation, relaxation, exercise and meditation.

•    Re-aligning ourselves with our inner light
At the moment it is easy to connect with our inner light – with our true being. I recommend regular meditation times, but also taking a moment in the course of everyday routines to look inwards, watch our breath, become aware of our body, and connect to our inner light.

Meditation: Light a candle in front of you and sit comfortably. With a relaxed, gentle gaze, look into the flame and become aware that there is also light within you – that you are also light.

Supportive LichtWesen essences:

Blend of the Year 2016 (stabilising ourselves, vital power)

Mastering crises (integrating new aspects)

Nr. 1 Maha Chohan (staying centred, gaining an overview) 

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