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Energy of the Moment – 20.06.2015

Staying centred, mastering emotional escalation

What is now
  • emotional escalation
  • losing clarity of perception, distorted perception
  • staying centred
  • recognising hidden connections
  • seeing others as our teachers
  • resolving karmic entanglements
  • clarification


  • Emotional escalation, losing clarity of perception, staying centred

At the moment, people are getting tangled up in feelings, losing their connection to reality or suffering from delusions. They feel hurt, get stressed or become despairing and then lose their ability to see clearly, which leads to them becoming even more deeply entangled in feelings and their emotionally distorted perception. Situations escalate. People often feel cheated, victimised, not appreciated, misunderstood or not seen. All of these are feelings whose roots lie in emotional wounds. Some also have the impression that they would have a better life without other people. They blame their situation on those other people.

It is helpful to remain centred and to observe ourselves. It is currently particularly important to avoid spontaneous or impulsive reactions and decisions. Instead, we should first take a good look at the situation, observe our own feelings and gain a little distance. Decisions or reactions should wait until we have looked at our own issues and worked with them. Additionally, we should also first check to see when the most appropriate time to react is and what can be done now.

  • Recognising hidden connections

If we manage to maintain or regain this overview and restore a state of being that is neutral and free from disturbing emotions, then it becomes possible to recognise previously hidden connections and contexts within ourselves and our situations. This also makes it possible to heal our emotional wounds.

  • Seeing others as our teachers

If we can see the teacher in the person we are dealing with, who is ‘pressing our buttons’ and knocking us out of balance, then it becomes easier to deal with the situation and to recognise and take the growth steps that are waiting to be taken. It helps to ask ourselves: “What should and can I learn at the moment?”

  • Resolving karmic entanglements

Some conflicts intensify because there are still unresolved karmic entanglements. Now, we can once again clarify and transform these entanglements. I take the Violet Elohim Ray to help me with this.

  • Clarification

In the midst of turbulent situations and emotional entanglements, we can gain energetic support for our own health and clarification. The events then also help us to strengthen our willpower and clear perception.

Recommendation: If you are in a difficult situation, before engaging in any action take a minute to look inwards and check if you are centred. It is helpful to imagine you are located on a disc such as an archery target or a dartboard, with a bulls-eye in the middle. How far from the centre are you? Slowly bring yourself back towards the bulls-eye, centring yourself.

(Of course, it is also useful to perform this exercise in the midst of ‘good’ situations, too.)


Supportive LichtWesen essences:

Nr. 11 Kuthumi (sense of reality)

Nr. 5 Christ (recognising the truth, staying centred)

Nr. 61 Violet Elohim Ray (resolving entanglements and karmic links



11 - Kuthumi - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

11 - Kuthumi - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

•    sense of reality
•    patience
•    grounding
•    feeling comfortable in our own body
•    perception of ethereal energies

tincture: water-alcohol – 30 ml

€22.90 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)
05 - Christ - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

05 - Christ - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

•    recognising and sticking to our own personal truth
•    cultivating our own authority
•    develop leadership qualities and using them for everyone’s benefit
•    self-discovery

tincture: water-alcohol – 30 ml

€22.90 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)
61 - Violet Ray Elohim - tincture with colloidal gold

61 - Violet Ray Elohim - tincture with colloidal gold

•    transformation
•    liberating myself from blockages, right down to their roots
•    freeing ourselves of limiting thoughts and feelings
•    resolving karma

tincture with colloidal gold: water-alcohol – 30 ml

€26.80 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)