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Energy of the Moment – 30.3.2016

Taking the next step, even if it is unpleasant

What is now

  • courageously continuing, taking action
  • recognising, re-assessing and changing any obstructive views
  • feeling rejected or abandoned
  • tiredness, exhaustion, illness
  • grounding yourself, regular exercise in nature, sport



  •  Tiredness

A noticeably high number of people are still suffering from tiredness, exhaustion, physical complaints, illnesses and persistent infections. This has stretched many people’s nerves to breaking point, so they are annoyed and reacting aggressively. Fear and sadness are in the air, too. It is therefore still important to plan in time for relaxation and recuperation, meditation, physical exercises and sunshine.


  • Courageously continuing

In recent weeks there were unexpected, sometimes apparently disagreeable or unpleasant changes and insights. We can use these to once again take stock and check how we are leading our lives. Which visions and wishes are important to us? This requires us to have an inner openness. Advice from people with expertise will help us to recognise our own path, especially when we are feeling somewhat lost or lacking in direction.

Now we can receive powerful energetic support for our next step – even if the step that is due is unpleasant or leads into uncertain territory. It is time to assume responsibility for putting our vision into action and starting the measures necessary for this. It can be helpful to set deadlines, since these can enhance our inner power and decisiveness. However, they should not be allowed to put us under pressure. It is much easier to make progress if we are working joyfully and tackling overdue tasks without putting them off any longer.


  • Changing obstructive views

During the coming time we will once again be more able to recognise and resolve obstructive views and belief patterns. We can help ourselves do this by taking anything people say which upsets, injures or demotivates us and then taking a close look at it to see which aspects really affect us and which inner dialogues it triggers. This can grant us deep insights. Traumas and old injuries become visible and can be healed. Our own potential and new, creative opportunities reveal themselves.


  • Feeling rejected

In the near future, we could experience more frequent feelings of being rejected and left alone or having our vision and values mocked by others. These, too, can be transformed and utilised. Out of these feelings of rejection or being left alone we can generate the power we need for our next step. Sometimes the power comes from the courage of despair: a reaction such as “Now more than ever” or “I’ll show them!”

We can also make use of the feelings in order to evaluate our vision again: Am I ready and willing to assume responsibility and put my vision into action, even if others reject or abandon me because of this? Is there an aspect of this vision which is still not quite right? What is it that others are mocking? What appears unrealistic to the others? Is there a “modicum of truth” in their reaction which I have overlooked? Can I take it as a useful hint or tip? If I consider the discrepancy between my viewpoint and that of those who think the plan is unrealistic, can I find out anything valuable?


  • Grounding

Being grounded, being in our power, exercising our body, recharging ourselves in nature – this is all important during the coming weeks. Firstly, it supports the transition to Spring. And secondly, it helps us to charge ourselves up with the strength we will need for the next step. Physical exercise is particularly important here.


Meditation: Imagine taking the next step which is needed to put your vision into action. You can do this purely in thought or visualisation, or you can take pieces of paper with labels on which you place on the ground:

          NOW                     THE NEXT STEP                                                 COMPLETED VISION

Then stand on the piece of paper labelled NOW, invite your soul and supportive powers to join you and request them to guide you and give you everything you need for your next step. Now take a deep breath and take the next step.


Supportive LichtWesen essences:

Nr. 14 – Victory (courage to take the next step, breaking through)

Nr. 11 – Kuthumi (sense of reality, being grounded, keeping both feet on the ground)

Nr. 4 – Quan Yin (letting go, accepting changes)



14 - Victory - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

14 - Victory - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

•    courage to take the next step
•    breakthrough
•    integrating experiences, insights and new vibrations
•    harmonising energy channels, chakras and aura bodies

tincture: water-alcohol – 30 ml

€22.90 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)
11 - Kuthumi - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

11 - Kuthumi - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

•    sense of reality
•    patience
•    grounding
•    feeling comfortable in our own body
•    perception of ethereal energies

tincture: water-alcohol – 30 ml

€22.90 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)
04 - Quan Yin - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

04 - Quan Yin - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

  • accepting life and its changes
  • giving up excessive control
  • emotional health
  • tolerance and compassion

tincture: water-alcohol – 30 ml

€22.90 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)