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Energy of the Moment – 2.11.2016

Focussing, Togetherness

 What is now
  • Focussing on what is important
  • Letting go of unimportant things – or doing them later
  • Sharing and exchange with inspiring partners
  • Joint development of new ideas, creativity, complementing each other
  • Risk of distorted perception and misunderstanding
  • Keep checking current situations and adapting them
  • Respecting intuition and inner wisdom / our soul
  • Illness, especially backache

Recent weeks were again stressful for many people, with projects getting stuck and prevailing feelings of tension, stress, overwork and a need for peace. This led to reactions being aggressive, people getting the ‘wrong end of the stick’ or even just not listening properly. Many became ill: backache and shoulder problems were common. This situation will persist – although not in the intensity of the past few weeks. It will be beneficial to support our body by ensuring enough movement and rest.

In order to avoid exacerbating the overload, it is helpful to focus for a moment and ask: What is particularly important now? What is currently not as important? What do I need to do now? And what can I abandon or postpone? As much as necessary, as little as possible – that will be the guiding principle. We need to take frequent breaks, create moments of peace, meditate, and look after ourselves.

Sharing and togethernes
It is valuable to give ourselves opportunities to share and be together with inspiring conversation partners, like-minded people and skilled advisers. We can take a careful look at how another person’s skills and experience are different to ours. We might complement each other well, so there might be an opportunity to find a partner for any joint ventures. It is important to listen. Our inner tension and feelings of overload create a tendency to answer quickly and neglect the nuances and ‘hidden messages’. So it can be helpful to reflect on conversations we had and see if we can recognise any signs or indications we missed (essence: My Togetherness).

By being together with others we can develop new ideas which we had not seen before. Finding one piece of the puzzle helps to find the next, and before we know it the whole picture forms – or becomes visible again.

However, the opposite can also occur: people might create provocation and seek disputes. So we need to help ourselves by putting on a ‘thick protective layer’ and keeping our composure (essence Mindfulness and Protection).

Distorted perception and misunderstanding
There is currently a strong tendency towards a distorted view of reality and statements. This can lead to increases in misunderstanding and arguments.

Rethinking current situations
It is still necessary to review life situations and relationships. Clarification and a new way of being together are possible. It can be helpful to accept whatever the current situation is, allowing us to relax even if we do not know how things will continue or develop.

Respecting our inner wisdom
On the spiritual level we are currently being provided with powerful assistance for our development and progress along the path. It is therefore helpful to keep strengthening our connection to our inner wisdom and soul. This makes it easier for us to find our path and our place (Nr. 16 Hilarion and Meditation).

Meditation: Focus your attention on your heart and let a connection form between your heart and the higher levels of consciousness / to your soul. Ask for this connection to be strengthened. Ask also for a clear view of anything that is CURRENTLY important for you. Watch for the inspiration or impulses which then come – perhaps they will be an image, a feeling, or a conversation with another person.


Supportive LichtWesen essences:

Nr. 50 My Togetherness (relationship, communication)

Nr. 16 Hilarion (finding our place in life, connection to wisdom)

Mindfulness and Protection (being protected and centred)

50 - My Togetherness - tincture 30 ml

50 - My Togetherness - tincture 30 ml

  • voicing our thoughts
  • relationships
  • Communication
  • harmony of mind, body and soul
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MasterEssence 16 - Hilarion

MasterEssence 16 - Hilarion

finding and assuming my place • accepting our own greatness and its duty • connection to the higher consciousness • recognising the superior plan • meditation

Mindfulness and Protection

Mindfulness and Protection

  • gaining a conscious, all-embracing perception
  • being centred
  • having stable energetic system