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Energy of the Moment – 21.03.2015

Allowing ourselves to be seen and recharging our batteries

 What is now

  • Opportunities and offers
  • Becoming visible and allowing ourselves to be seen
  • Giving structure
  • Envisioning our desires and successful achievements
  • Recharging our batteries and supporting our body


  • Opportunities and offers

In recent weeks the issue at hand continued to be “tidying up” – both inwardly and outwardly. This revealed situations and structures which needed to be clarified or reorganised. New opportunities and unexpected offers also appeared. This will continue for a few weeks. Conditions which may have been unsatisfactory for quite a time can now be improved or successfully overcome. The new offers inspire us to new considerations: we can rethink our life plans and set a course for success. The current energy is very conducive to new starts and discovering appropriate paths.

However, it is not always clear if an offer will lead to improvement in the long term. So any decision will also be aided by consulting with experts or friends who can ask crucial, helpful questions.

New opportunities will also reveal themselves in private and business relations.

  • Becoming visible

The energy of the coming weeks will also help us to become visible. We should consider how our activity and offers can be better presented and how we can reach the people who would appreciate them. The issue “I become visible” uncovers hidden fears and traumas which can be resolved with the violet Elohim ray.

  • Giving structure

We receive assistance to structure our life and our everyday routine in a better way. What helps us to assume our power and have powerful effects? What takes up time but yields no or few results? How can I organise myself better so that I work more effectively while also finding time to relax and recuperate?

  • Envisioning our desires and successful achievements

By going through in our mind how projects develop and how our life will be when we fulfil our desires, we lend power to these intentions and also have the chance to recognise where inner blockages are obstructing our success. However, just looking at our ideas with our mind’s eye is not enough – we should also go on to take practical steps towards the implementation of these ideas, even if we still feel a little uncertain.

  • Difficulties and obstructions putting ideas into practice

There will be phases where nothing seems to progress or even where the achievements we have already made seem to become undone. By observing our thoughts and feelings, we can recognise our own resistances and negative expectations. After all, our verve and decisiveness are not only enhanced by opportunities but also by the assistance we can gain from difficulties and obstructions.

Recharging our batteries and supporting our body

Phases of momentum and power will often be interspersed with periods of tiredness and exhaustion. When these occur, it makes sense to rest by doing some physical exercise, going for a walk, meditating or simply relaxing.

Recommendation: Experiment with the image of a stage: Imagine yourself standing onstage in front of a small audience, and then in front of a huge audience. See yourself surrounded by crowds of people eager to take advantage of what you have to offer. Then find other images where you are the centre of attention. Observe your thoughts and feelings during this. Then invite the Violet Elohim Ray to clear up any resistances and traumas.


Supportive LichtWesen essences:

Nr. 61 Violet Elohim Ray (resolving blockages and traumas right down to the roots)

Nr. 77 Silver Creation Ray (renewal)

Nr. 29 ArchangelEssence Zadkiel (blossoming)



61 - Elohim Violet

61 - Elohim Violet

activating our own vital power • concentrating and targetting our energy • developing our power and acting in harmony • stamina
77 - Silver Creation Ray

77 - Silver Creation Ray

renewal • sensitivity • access to emotional wisdom • female principle

ArchangelEssence 29 - Zadkiel

ArchangelEssence 29 - Zadkiel

making use of new opportunities and paths • using our abilities • putting insights into practice • connecting ourselves with the power of the divine