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Energy of the Moment 23. 06. 2016

Exhaustion, recuperation and ensuring stability
from Dr. Petra Schneider
What is now
•    exhaustion
•    recuperation and stabilising ourselves
•    transformation work is necessary
•    enhanced perception
•    re-assessing our visions and way of life
•     Exhaustion
It is not only the weather which is changeable and stormy: our current energetic situation is also challenging and changeable – still. Both can be burdens. On some days people feel exhausted, powerless, as if they were in another world. There are phases when nothing is more attractive than just retreating from the world, sleeping or doing nothing. On other days, people feel powerful and purposeful, although sometimes the level of tension leads to explosive outbursts, with aggressive reactions especially common in people who are under psychological stress or unstable. Physical complaints and illnesses are also currently more visible.
This energetic ‘low’ can also have financial consequences. Some people currently are currently experiencing income or turnover levels lower than they have had for a long time.
•    Recuperation and stability
It is important to pay attention to physical and emotional stability and recuperation, ensuring we are not driven crazy by the tension and changeable moods. This can be aided by following regular daily and weekly schedules and other regular rhythms, which nonetheless also incorporate time for unplanned impulses and surprises. It is helpful to ensure we have sufficient time for regeneration and recuperation, putting our feet up and doing nothing, enjoying the sunshine, relaxing with friends, taking it easy, eating tasty, nourishing food, enjoying Nature and taking enough exercise.
•    Transformation work
Sensitive people and therapists currently report they are more strongly assimilating other people’s energies, although they are protecting themselves. My impression is that there is a lot of resolution taking place and those people who are capable of carrying out transformation work have to do this – whether they want to or not. So we cannot simply block others’ energies, but instead we have to resolve any burdens, or have them resolved – this applies to both our own obstructions and those we are taking on from others. Here cleansing is helpful, especially with the violet and white Elohim Rays – every day and where necessary, more than once.
•    Enhanced perceptive ability
For some people, the energetic situation is enhancing their perceptive ability and intuition. Suddenly they can recognise connections and see through illusions, false hopes, concepts or expectations, whether their own or of other people. This dis-illusionment often feels like disappointment. At the same time, the energetic situation is also helping us to deal with ‘fogginess’, blindness and aggressive reactions in a composed, unemotional way. So it is helpful now to pay attention to our ‘gut feeling’ and intuition while also reflecting on the issue rationally. In this way we can take decisions ‘with both heart and mind’.
•    Re-assessing our visions and way of life
The current energy is also urging us to repeatedly check our own situation and visions, questioning our own lifestyle and habits. We can use this phase of exhaustion not only to recuperate but also to meditate or direct our attention inwards and discover previously unrevealed feelings and insights. It is also currently helpful again to seek out skilled people who can assist our clarification and clear perception.
Meditation: Imagine you are in a place where you can recuperate: on the beach, in a forest clearing, on top of a cloud… Relax and ask your body and your energy system to increase its absorption of life energy from “Heaven and Earth”, allowing it to flow into every single cell in your entire energy body. You become fully nourished and strengthened.
Supportive LichtWesen essences:
Mindfulness and Protection (comprehensive perception, stability)
Nr. 61 Violet Elohim Ray (transformation, clarification)
Nr. 50 My Togetherness (improve our relationship to ourselves and others)