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Energy of the Moment – 28.7.2016

Stormy times, emotional escalation, picking up pace
by Petra Schneider

What is now

  • previously hidden and unresolved situations are bursting to the surface
  • being “fed up with it all”
  • excessively strong emotional reactions
  • bursts of energy
  • rethinking our life concept again
  • setting a long-term course and aligning ourselves
  • taking decisions
  • alternating between exhaustion and vigour


Situations bursting to the surface, being “fed up”, strong emotional reactions
In recent weeks people were extremely tired or even exhausted, and slept a lot. Measures to gain more energy or become more active did not really help. Nonetheless, there were things which got cleared up or revealed. Situations which were stagnating began to flow again.

On July 26, the Maya calendar began a new year with the energy “Blue Storm”. This “stormy energy” brings things to the surface which are still not cleared up or which need to be looked at now. It shows us things which annoy us – and thus gives us a chance to resolve our own blockages and wounds, in turn creating new opportunities.

The current energy is leading to inner tension, which means people tend to overreact. This energy is sometimes so intense it gives people the feeling that they cannot cope with the inner tension they feel. Some want to just give up and retreat from the world. I often heard people exclaim, “I’ve had enough. I give up!” It can be especially difficult to remain calm under stress. Situations can escalate quickly, even if they were only triggered by something minor. People blow things out of proportion, scream at each other, hurt each other or, in contrast, withdraw and refuse any form of contact with others.

Burst of energy
As far as I can see, in the next few weeks we will receive a strong burst of energy which will stoke things up. This means there will be the risk of us becoming hyperactive and full of inner tension. However, we can use this energy to help enact our aims and visions, as will be described below. The important thing is to keep stabilising ourselves and to act in a careful, prudent way. Clear goals, a structured approach, setting priorities and some discipline are all needed. Above all, when we are “racing along” we need to stop occasionally for a moment and look inwards in order to check our activities.

Rethinking our life concept, setting a long-term course and aligning ourselves
When we have set the sails for the right course, this burst of energy will take us some distance in the right direction. We gain strength to put plans into action and benefit from inspiration and profitable conversations. This great strength can even lead to more success and growth than we originally wanted.

However, if our sails have not (yet) been set or adjusted, the storm might just throw our boat violently around or force us miles off course. This manifests as people running around aimlessly, engaged in activity without any sensible results, being scattered or talking excessively.

So it is now once again very important to carefully check our vision and our life concept: What do I want to live out? What is important to me? What should be the focus of my life? Where do I want to go? What projects do I want to realise and make progress with? What sort of path to my goal do I desire? Could I accept my vision being greater than I currently see it? How do I want to feel? What behaviour do I want to change? What new behaviour do I want to learn?

Here it is important not only to bear in mind our vision and goal, but also to assume responsibility for our success, to plan our next steps and then take them, to become active, and to take a look at both the broader context and the finer details. Mindfulness and far-sightedness are both required.

Taking decisions
In order to bring movement back into situations which have stagnated, decisions are now needed. So it is helpful to take a conscious look at situations which are stagnating and where there is resistance or pressure. If we can take some decisions here, then things will start moving again. This could also be a case of reasserting decisions which we have already taken. Or, taking a conscious decision to wait until the right moment comes to make a particular decision. Since this is also a way of enhancing the power of that particular path.

Having made a decision with regard to life planning does not mean that we then have to continue stubbornly in the chosen direction. It is more like standing at a crossroads and deciding to take the road which leads off in the chosen direction. Then, once we make a little progress along that road, there will be a new junction and a new decision to be taken. Some of the paths leading off here (the decisions we take) will lead to a place we could also have reached via a different path. So there will always be new chances to take a look at our current location and decide to change course.

Alternating between exhaustion and vigour
With this new energy, people have strength, they feel vigorous and become active again. However, they then repeatedly become tired, exhausted, blocked or paralysed.

Meditation: Every day, take a little time to write down what you want, what is important to you, what you want to do… For this you can also use the questions listed in the section Rethinking our life concept. At first, simply write without thinking. Just let the answers flow. Then take a look at what you have written, check it and sort it. You can also let the answers “arise” from your inner wisdom while you are out for a walk or taking a break. Finally, take the conscious decision whether you want to assume responsibility for the realisation of your life concept, your projects and a fulfilling life.

Supportive LichtWesen essences:
Strength out of Tranquillity (peace, composure, presence, inner power)
Nr. 47 – BePresent (comprehensive perception, not being scattered)
Nr. 46 – Indigo (alignment with our life plan, resolving inner tension and anxiety)