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Energy of the Moment – 31.3.2017

Healing opportunities, a boost for new impulses 

 What is now

  • surprising events and turns
  • stubborn comes into flux
  • a boost for the next steps
  • progress in projects
  • fluctuating moods
  • overly emotional reactions
  • uprooting deep-seated patterns, clarification
  • energy of Spring helps to re-fuel and dream
  • ensure nourishing food and exercise


  • Emotional reactions

Recent weeks were very changeable for many people. On some days they felt worn out and exhausted, on others they were full of vigour and energy. These fluctuations will persist for a while yet, leading to some people ‘reaching their limit’ and reacting in an overly sensitive or unreasonable way. Some quickly become aggressive and malicious, others quickly feel upset, despondent or hurt and then withdraw.


  • Uprooting deep-seated patterns

In recent times there were unexpected events with surprising turns, which strongly influenced or changed our lives. In the coming weeks, too, some existing structures and arrangements might change significantly. Certain situations and people will bring to the surface painful memories, injuries and disappointments, which shaped our ways of behaving. This offers opportunities for healing. And it offers us the chance to review existing agreements we have made with other people: What is still in order? What needs to be changed? Here it is advisable to seek assistance, since then it will be easier to recognise and uproot any deep-seated structures and behaviours.


  • A boost and new impulses

In April, the energy of Spring helps us to make progress with our projects. Things that were blocked until now begin to move. We receive surprising offers and recognise opportunities that were previously hidden from view. It is time to become active, to take steps that were planned, and to resolve things we have been putting off (supportive energy: Nr. 10 – Kamakura). However, this does not mean we should stubbornly persist with previous plans, but rather look closely for tips, signs and offers that indicate we can open up to the new and unknown. This can trigger anxieties. It is helpful to look at our fears or anxieties and accept our own insecurity. Then we can dare to take courageous steps (supportive energy: Nr. 3 – El Morya).


  • Making the most of Spring

The energy of Spring is good for our body. We can use it to ‘re-fuel’, topping up our reserves of strength and stability. Nourishing food, exercise in nature, and periods with cleansing regimes for our body can all support this. Further, the energy of Spring helps us while we are ‘dreaming’ to consciously recognise previously suppressed or hidden wishes, desires and hopes. Dreaming can open up new opportunities. Of course, not all dreams can or should be fulfilled, but they can show us the right direction towards a more satisfying life.


Meditation: Lie down or imagine you are lying in one of your favourite places to recuperate: on the beach, in the forest, on a mountain clearing. Light surrounds you, caressing and touching you, and a pleasant aroma is in the air. You can relax deeply. As you relax, you dream, giving space to your wishes, desires and hopes, consciously becoming aware of them. This is information from your inner wisdom, from the level of your soul, which may come in the form of images, sensations or thoughts. 


Supportive LichtWesen essences:
Nr. 3 – El Morya (trust in ourselves, confidence) (

Nr. 10 – Kamakura (vigour, progress in projects) (

Nr. 42 – Blend of the Year (finding our path – remaining stable) (


All 3 tinctures purchased together for a saving:


03 - El Morya - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

03 - El Morya - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

•    assurance and basic sense of trust
•    confidence in ourselves, our own power, strengths and abilities
•    freeing ourselves from fears

tincture: water-alcohol – 30 ml

€22.90 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)
10 - Kamakura - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

10 - Kamakura - MasterEnergy, tincture 30 ml

•    vigour and targeted action
•    putting ideas into practice
•    finishing off projects and things we have postponed
•    distinguishing important and unimportant things, setting priorities

tincture: water-alcohol – 30 ml

€22.90 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)
42 - Blend of the year 2017

42 - Blend of the year 2017

  • Following our own path
  • Taking steps carefully and mindfully
  • Resolving obstructive structures
  • Strengthening our ‘backbone’
  • Being stable
€22.90 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)