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Energy of the Moment 24. 08. 2016

Relationships and community, intensity, taking a close look

What is now
•    intensity
•    letting go of outdated concepts and expectations
•    changeable energy
•    fear and existential ‘angst’
•    inner tension and irritated, aggressive reactions
•    core issue: relationships and community
•    taking a close look, keeping the essence in sight
•    recognising our needs, nourishing and looking after ourselves
•    opportunities are revealed

•    Intensity
The current energy feels very intensive and arduous to many people. Deep-seated, burdensome issues are coming to the surface, pressing for attention, processing and integration. There are often learning and growth steps connected with this, helping us to gain strength and inner peace. Here, it is especially helpful to seek support, in order to avoid the “blind spots” we generally have for our own obstructions. Clarification and healing can then be more comprehensive and profound.

•    Letting go of outdated concepts and expectations
We begin to see what is outdated or no longer relevant in our lives. This includes ways of behaving, expectations and concepts. The current energy helps us to let go of all of this more easily and bid it farewell. Some people also feel an impulse to tidy up. We will gain strength by orienting ourselves to our “true being” and focussing on the essential, truthful and fulfilling aspects of our life.

•    Changeable energy
The energy is still changeable. There are days when people feel tired, exhausted, heavy, sad and lacking in motivation. Our body may be sluggish and weak. It becomes difficult to move. Fears become visible, including a fear of becoming ill or an anxiety about having some form of invisible disease as well as existential ‘angst’. Other days are full of clarity and verve. We recognise exactly what needs to be done or what the issue is, we can organise ourselves well and we get a lot done.

•    Inner tension and irritated, aggressive reactions
For some people, the highly charged days create inner tension, leading them to react aggressively, irritably or arrogantly. Some react very emotionally. This dis-illusionment often feels like disappointment. Illusions and false concepts burst like a bubble. Conflicts arise, but we need to use them to clear up issues on our own path, in our behaviour and in our dealings with other people.

•    Relationships and community
A core issue for the coming weeks will be relationships and community, including the longing to connect and belong. Who or what do I belong to? Who belongs in my life? Who do I feel connected to? Who do I want to be together with? Who do I want to achieve things with? What should my dealings with other people be like? These are the questions which will arise. They can be used to help shape our lives. If we want community, we need to be clear about what we are wishing for – and make a contribution towards it.
We need to maintain and enjoy the communities we already belong to (friends, family, colleagues). Sharing and exchanging with friends and like-minded people is currently very supportive, for our own development, too.

•    Recognising our own needs
It is currently especially important to stand up for ourselves and our needs, and to look after ourselves. What do I need in order to feel well, to feel nourished, and to remain in my strength? What sort of relationships and contact with other people is nourishing for me? What does my body need?

•    Taking a close look, keeping the essence in sight
At the moment it is important to take a very close look and let our gaze penetrate through different layers. Things are not the way they seem to be. The truth is not only made up of what we can see on the surface. There is a risk of distracting ourselves in the detail and losing sight of the essence or core. Here, it is also helpful to share and exchange in order to monitor and train our own perception. Nonetheless, we also need to look closely at the people we choose to share and exchange with, and check their claims. After all, we all tend to see only a part of the truth, or to let our judgments and fears cloud what we see.

•    New opportunities
Opportunities are revealing themselves, with great promise. It is still uncertain what will become of this, but there is definitely movement. It is important to be active when action is needed.

Meditation: Direct your attention to your heart and connect with the power and love that your heart has. Then connect to the love and awareness of the Earth, and then to the highest consciousness. Request the power of this consciousness to flow to you, into your body-energy system, and into your life, enveloping and protecting you. To close the meditation, direct your attention back to your heart and let this heart power flow into your body-energy system. Ask it to integrate consciousness.

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