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Energy of the Year 2018

from Petra Schneider

Inner power – Togetherness in action

Blend of the Year 2018 

  • recharging by returning repeatedly to our inner power
  • togetherness in action
  • remaining calm and composed
  • resolving obstructive structures
  • accepting our tasks, our own greatness and our abilities
  • recognising opportunities and assuming our position or role
  • benefitting from the “network”


What can we expect?

The main issue for 2018 is togetherness in action, in the senses of supporting each other and also of carrying out joint projects. We can each contribute our own knowledge and skills, while at the same time being supported by others. This will give rise to active, living networks and new opportunities that extend well beyond those available to any individual.

The issue at hand is also to find out who we want to network with – whether in society, business or our private life – and how we can establish a stable, long-term network. We need inner strength, an awareness of our own skills and achievements, and the ability to both give and accept constructive criticism. It is also necessary to cultivate a balance between the needs of the individual and those of the society.

Changes will pose a challenge to us, so we need our power for ourselves, for stability and for a healthy body.


How can the Blend of the Year 2018 provide support?

The Blend of the Year helps us to keep finding our way back to our own power, to remain composed and to master global changes more easily. It activates the power in our body so even in difficult times we can maintain our ability to act, our stability and our health. Our body will be able to regenerate again and again.

Our enthusiasm for togetherness is enhanced, as is the joy we gain from being together with others. In this way we can let ourselves get involved more easily and become more familiar with our own strengths and weaknesses. We can then better compensate for the latter by working together with others. Inner serenity and a healthy distance can help us to learn from the strategies and behaviour of others – even from people who appear not to want the best for us. The Blend of the Year helps us to recognise who is giving us honest and skilful support, who is enhancing our joy and enthusiasm, who is good for us, who we like to work together with and who needs our assistance. We also recognise the concepts and experiences that are preventing us from letting ourselves become involved with others. And we see where togetherness makes sense even though we initially feel a lot of resistance.

The Blend of the Year enhances our ability to follow our intuition and know what is realistically possible – neither too optimistic nor too pessimistic. We recognise the roles and positions we can assume and what we can achieve in them.


The Blend of the Year 2018 carries the energies of Djwal Khul, Kuthumi, Lao Tse, Hilarion, Gabriel, Zadkiel, the Crystalline Creation Ray, Air and the Violet Elohim Ray.


General Information on the Energy of the Year

Each year has its own special challenges due to aspects of the collective field which can be felt by all humans. The Blend of the Year helps us to deal with these. It can be used throughout the year, or during specific phases when we feel we need support. These 2018 issues are relevant from October 2017 and will overlap with the issues of 2017. They continue to have an effect into 2019, until March. In the overlapping period, the Blends of the Year from both years can be taken, separately or together. As well as the overarching Energy of the Year, there will always also be additional issues – the “Energy of the Moment” describes the current situation and the additional energies which could assist us – it can be found on the LichtWesen website (link) and Facebook page.

Details of the effects of the individual energies:

Being in our power

Nr. 6 – Djwal Khul: strengthens our own power; confidence; acting out of a serene power; doing what needs to be done.

Nr. 2 – Lao Tse: maintaining our composure and our ability to take action; recognising what needs to be done.

Nr. 11 – Kuthumi: enhancing the connection between the material and subtle bodies; being powerful, grounded, stable; sense of reality.

Nr. 16 – Hilarion: finding our place in life; accepting our own greatness and our duty; connection to the higher consciousness; being a pioneer.

Nr. 26 – Gabriel: recognising what is useful and important; making use of change; recognising the next step.



Nr. 78 – Crystalline Creation Ray: connecting; using male and female powers.

Nr. 29 – Zadkiel: taking new opportunities and paths; living out togetherness in everyday life.

Nr. 37 – Air: clear communication; being present in the moment; using our intuition and our rational mind; recognise what is needed; not holding onto the past.


Transformation of blockages

Nr. 61 – Elohim Violet: resolving blockages and traumas right down to the roots.


Supportive meditation: Imagine you are connected by a mesh of light to other people. They are supporting you, you are helping them, and together you are working in love for the benefit of everyone and everything. This mesh of light is also linked with loving spiritual powers which promote consciousness-raising, healing and harmonious togetherness. These spiritual levels strengthen your power and connect you to the knowledge, insights and skills needed by you and everyone else in this mesh.

The energy of the Blend of the Year is available as a tincture and in a white-golden LichtWesen bead. The bead has a permanent effect when it is being worn, and wearing it will also be of benefit after the year is over.

Application of the essence: Apply once or several times a day: spray or fan it into your aura or energy centres. The tincture can also be placed in the mouth cavity. The Blend of the Year can be combined beneficially with other LichtWesen essences.