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Raunächte – the Twelve Nights from 25 December to 5 January
– Clearing up the past and preparing the new

Find your way is the issue for the year 2017. The power of the period immediately after Winter Solstice or Christmas can help us to untangle ourselves from old affairs and welcome the new: the New Year, our new projects, and new stages of our development – as well as new gifts!

In many European cultures, the twelve nights known as Raunächte in German used to be considered a sacred time. [The origins of the name are unclear, so it is impossible to translate this term, but it may well derive from ‘Rauch-Nächte’ or ‘smoke-nights’, from the sacred incense burnt.] Where possible, people would not work during this period. Rather it was a time for family life, contemplation of inner and outer omens, and celebration.

The period begins with the start of Christmas Day, i.e. at 00:00 on December 25, and ends when at midnight in the twelfth night January 5 becomes January 6: the day known as Epiphany, “Three Kings Day”, or “Manifestation of the Lord”.

It is very beneficial to take time every day during the Raunächte for ourselves, for reflection, meditation and silence. And for the rest of the day, during our normal activities, we should also try to pause for a moment and connect with the energy of the coming year, our inner wisdom and our soul: while we are cooking, cleaning, at our desk, in the supermarket queue, under the shower, dealing with lively children, or at work. We can invite supportive powers and clear up blockages, consciously perceiving and activating our connections to our heart energy and soul. In this way we prepare the soil for the young sapling of success in 2017. Spending time in Nature allows a special power to develop.

In the last of the Twelve Nights, the night from January 5 to 6, it makes sense to carry out an energetic cleansing of ourselves and the spaces we inhabit; perhaps with incense or the cleansing spray RaumLicht from LichtWesen. For deeper cleaning and healing we can add the Elohim oils violet, magenta and green.

Recommendation:  Take some time every day to work on removing your limitations and connecting yourself to inner wisdom, the soul and higher consciousness. If you want to, you can also invite the spirit beings who are lovingly assisting you and request them to intensify the connection between them and you.
You can use the following method while meditating, going for a walk, while in Nature, when you are sitting quietly, while you are listening to music, … :
Invite the violet and green Elohim ray, the Archangels Raphael and the ascendend master Saint Germain and request them to clarify and resolve anything that is constricting or does not belong to your true being. Let this power work for a while.
Then invite the magenta Elohim ray, the Archangels Uriel and the ascendend master Orion and request to sharpen your perception and integrate any new developments.
These energies can be strengthened by using the LichtWesen essences.