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Yes, it can be verified.

There are now studies which allow us to see the effects which LichtWesen products have. For example, a camera from Auramed can reveal how our aura changes within minutes of spraying an essence or putting on a crystal. Applied kinesiology, Kirlian photos, EAV (electroacupuncture according to Voll) and blind tests also show this.

Nonetheless, it is your own experience which is decisive, so we advise: trust your own critical perception when using the products.

Testing an essence at the Life-Test Institute

Testing the neck cushion with the Auramed camera:

Aura picture before

Aura image before

Aura picture after

Aura image after











Legal notice: These tests have not been scientifically acknowledged. Nonetheless, it is impressive when the Auramed camera images show how a change is visible immediately upon use.