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What is “energising”?

… is a question we hear very often. All LichtWesen products have an effect because of their energised powers. Whether aroma sprays, crystals or jewellery, the materials they are made of have been charged with a particular energy. When you wear or use the product, the impulse of that energy is passed on to your body’s own energy system and has its effect there. It resolves energetic blockages and strengthens your inherent abilities and qualities.

We know that each and every one of these energetic impulses has an effect so we are very careful to own use energies and powers which are aligned with love and the divine plan. These energies have effects which can provide positive support for people, helping each person to enter their own power and find their own true being.

“Energising” means that a carrier substance, such as a glass crystal, is charged with energetic vibrations.

How does that work? And where do the vibrations come from? Petra Schneider, who energises all the LichtWesen products, has many years of experience in taking pure, high-quality energy from the loving, supporting spiritual level and putting it into a range of materials. She also knows very well what is necessary to ensure this high vibrancy adapts itself to the user. She is careful to select pure energy, the right moment and only those energy sources which are aligned with Creation’s plan and love.

After being energised, all our products are then energetically sealed. This ensures they remain in the pure, original power and means they can be passed on to others without any change in the effects they have. Even radiation does not change the vibrations within them.