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Using LichtWesen

Hintergrund_FlaschenAll LichtWesen products have an  energising effect. Each theme or energy is available in different forms: as a tincture, oil, aroma spray, crystal or jewellery. We recommend you choose the form that appeals to you the most.

Please also bear in mind: The aromas in our aroma sprays and oils are blended by an aromatherapist to suit each theme. It might be the case that you find a particular aroma to be anything other than appealing. This strong reaction may well be a sign that you are unconsciously trying to avoid the issue so we recommend trying an alternative form of the energy, such as an unperfumed tincture or a crystal. Customers often give us feedback showing that after using applying the energy with that product, they suddenly find the aroma to be very appealing! To help you decide whether you are likely to appreciate a particular aroma, we have listed the essential oils included in each product.