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Applying the energies consciously strengthens their effect

Await no wonders but count on something wonderful: the power in the LichtWesen products. It is a power which you can use in a targeted and conscious way to gain physical and spiritual support for your aims in life. Our products will often give you just the impetus you need to take the steps that need to be taken. And even if our products cannot take that step for you, they will help carry you further forward. However difficult your path may appear to be, the energies we work with will make it easier.


Tinctures, sprays and oils

Apply once or several times a day: They can be put on parts of the body, for instance, on the pulse of the wrist, on the cervical spine area or on places with ailments, or you can spray or fan them into your aura or energy centres. The tinctures can also be placed in the mouth cavity.

LichtWesen essences can also work in massage oils, cosmetics (such as shower gel or body lotion), or in your bath water. All of the LichtWesen essences can be combined or used together with other essences.

You can simply spray the essences. They work because they contain their specific energy. However, if you apply the essences more consciously your energy system will absorb their vibrations more effectively.

Elohim oil

Application: direct in rooms or via a diffuser such as a fleece wick, aroma stone or oil lamp. Or use it to make your own body lotion or spray by adding a few drops of Elohim oil to body oil, water or a water-alcohol emulsion.Tip: If you are only using water, the oil will not mix very easily so please shake well before use.

Making a spray: Take a small bottle and half fill it with alcohol (30-40% abv – you can even use normal brandy). Add the desired amount of the Elohim oil and shake well. Then fill up the bottle with water. This can be used in the same way as our tincture or spray. For these, we take 3 to 8 drops of Elohim oil for 30 ml of final product.

You can make your spray with one Elohim oil or you can use a blend of Elohim colours.

Crystals and energy spheres

You can carry the crystals on the body, in your shirt or trousers pocket or wear them as jewellery. Crystals can also be hung up in a room and they are suitable for energising drinking or bath water.

Zirconia and Jewellery

Either worn as jewellery or carried in your shirt or trouser pocket. They work the whole time they are being worn or carried.

For animals and plants, too

LichtWesen products, especially the essences, also have beneficial effects on animals and plants. We have received a lot of feedback in this regard: for animals it appears best to select a specific essence each time and for plants the Tree essence has proven to be particularly helpful.


You can also seek advice from any of our agents or the therapist of your choice. Our LichtWesen staff are also very familiar with our products and are very happy help you with your selection.

An astonishing process begins when you use essences and crystals. If you would like to know more about the background to this – perhaps you would like to know more before you decide to use our products – and learn about the amazing results you can benefit from, then we recommend reading the books written by Dr. Petra Schneider. Many of them have become bestsellers.