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How can I find the right essence or product?

Firstly: There is no “wrong” essence! Each product represents an aspect of life that a person has developed to a greater or lesser extent. There are many ways to select a LichtWesen product: intuitively, according to the topic or theme, a personal preference, by means of tests such as a biotensor or kinesiological muscle test, or by means of the card set What helps? Soon this website will also offer a keyword index for the issues or themes.

The Card selection What helps? might seem like hocus pocus to many people. However, it functions energetically in just the same way as a muscle test – via resonance. But convince yourself and try it out. We were initially sceptical, too, but now we are just amazed at how fitting the selections are.


If you want to select essences or energies according to the Colour Rays, you can find the classification here: