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LichtWesen essences, crystals and jewellery all clarify and harmonise the energy system. Blockages and disturbances are lastingly resolved. This helps the energy system regain its natural power. This might be familiar to you if you use Bach Flower remedies or do yoga.

The way in which the products work is perceived differently from person to person. Some people notice an immediate reaction, such as coolness, warmth, well-being, clarity, a change of mood or perhaps the hairs on the back of their arms stand on end. Others experience seemingly nothing, but after a few weeks they discover, that they have become “more themselves” and that unwanted behaviour patterns have changed themselves. And often we only realise there has been a change when other people notice and mention it.

LichtWesen products help to master life by promoting our abilities and inner strength. They also assist us to recognise our true nature and to find inner peace.


Legal Notice: The described bio-energetic and ethereal energies and effects have not been scientifically recognised. LichtWesen products are not intended to influence your body’s structure and function – they are not medicines. We expressly exclude any promise or guarantee that our products can heal. Should you have any physical or physiological complaints, please contact your doctor or therapist.