Achieving a good balance, feeling well, remaining stable – all with the help of ethereal powers: this is our mission at LichtWesen. Founded in 1995, we are experts in energised products. Our essences, oils, aromas and crystals, as well as the LichtWesen® energised jewellery, will all support you to live
a conscious and fulfilling life in both your everyday and spiritual affairs.


  • Mindfulness and Protection

    Mindfulness and Protection

    • gaining a conscious, all-embracing perception
    • being centred
    • having stable energetic system

    Bead "Stability"

    • Remaining stable,
    • our body and energy system find their way back into an order that works,
    • remaining free of external influences,
    • handmade murano glass bead
    €79.00 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)


    • Protects our physical energy system, 
    • stabilises the energy field with regard to the influence of electromagnetic radiation and frequencies,
    • available as a fuchsia-coloured zirconia with a navette cut (dimensions: 8 x 16 mm), as a bead in two colours (clear and rusty red), and as a body crystal (fuchsia)
    Egyptian Solar Rays

    Egyptian Solar Rays

    • charisma, vital power and delight
    • having ‘backbone’
    • for power, stamina, inner light, protection

    diameter of the circle 12 mm, with longest ray 45 mm; Material: sterling silver, 22-carat gold, steel, zirconia

    €219.00 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)
  • Strength out of Tranquillity

    Strength out of Tranquillity

    • access to inner strength
    • connecting being and awareness
    • peace, composure, presence

    Available as tincture spray with colloidal gold and as an aroma spray with vanilla.

    Quick Angel

    Quick Angel

    “The quick angel who takes care of you.”

    Material: sterling silver, 22-carat gold, cultured pearls, zirconia

    Please note: The bicoloured choker is not included in the price.

    €249.00 (incl. Mwst, excl. Shipping Cost)
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