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  • Protection of our body’s energy system, 
  • harmonises the energetic field in a space
  • as beads, zirconia and body crystals


There has been a clear increase in the radiation we are exposed to in our surroundings, from electronic devices, wifi, electric circuits, monitors, mobile phones, and telecommunication masts. These all create electromagnetic fields which are having adverse effects on increasing numbers of people.

Whereas the Balancer has its effects as a room crystal, the BodyBalancer protects our physical energy system. Specifically, it stabilises the energy field with regard to the influence of electromagnetic radiation and frequencies. Test subjects reported that they felt clearer, both physically and in their mind.

We offer the BodyBalancer as a fuchsia-coloured zirconia with a navett cut (dimensions: 8 x 16 mm), as a bead in two colours (clear and rusty red), and as a body crystal, which is also fuchsia.

The differences between Balancer, Body-Balancer and Stability Crystal are:

  • The StabilityCrystal stabilises our human energy field and rebuilds it where it has collapsed. This is why the crystal needs to be worn directly on our body.
  • The BodyBalancer specifically provides stabilisation with regard to electromagnetic radiation and frequencies. Whereas the StabilityCrystal covers a wide spectrum of frequencies, the BodyBalancer targets these relevant radiation frequencies.
  • The LichtWesen® Balancer harmonises the space or room where a human is exposed to electromagnetic stress. Therefore it is used as a room crystal.
  • Sensitive people will find it ideal to combine the BodyBalancer and StabilityCrystal.


Energies included:

  • Elohim Rays blue, white and silver,
  • black tourmaline, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, gentian, verbena, milk thistle and birch


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