Elohim Pink zirconia #57

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  • loving ourselves and our environment feeling accepted, secure and loved,
  • for anyone who is feeling rejected, abandoned, alone or misunderstood; for those who have difficulty letting others come close; during divorce, separation, mourning or heartache,
  • experiencing unconditional love

Zirconia set in sterling silver, nickel-free, approx. 13x16 mm,
can be worn with a pendant on a necklace or chain – can be combined with the other LichtWesen zirconia

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Pink Elohim resolves blockages, injuries and behaviour patterns that we use to cut ourselves off from love. We recognise that love is always surrounding us: it is up to us to accept this love. In this way we can experience solace and become capable of forgiving ourselves. This power reinforces our self-acceptance. Users felt valued, secure and cosily wrapped up.

Because blockages and traumatic experiences around the issue of “being loved” are resolved, the application of this essence can initially give rise to a deep sadness. This essence also dispels the illusion of being separated from all-encompassing (divine) love.

Also available as:

tincture with colloidal gold (to spray on): water-alcohol (30 ml = 1 fl oz)

essential oil with palmarosa and rose geranium (room scent, 10 ml = 0.33 fl oz)

crystal heart (jewellery pendant): crystal glass, diameter approx. 40 mm

body crystals (for therapy): 1 tube with approx. 25 glass crystals, diameter approx. 4.8 mm

Please note: The actual colour of our crystals will vary slightly according to the light and also due to the details of the manufacturing process. The colours as portrayed here are therefore not binding.



Zirconia and Jewellery

  • As jewellery,
  • in a shirt pocket or trouser pocket
ovaler Zirkonia und 925er Silber, ca. 13 x 16 mm, ca. 6 g
Auch erhältlich als:
  • Tinktur (zum Aufsprühen): Aqua (Wasser), Ethanol (Weingeist), 30 ml (= 1 fl oz)
  • Ätherisches Öl (Raumduft ): Reines ätherisches Palmarosa- und Rosengeranien-Öl, 10 ml (= 0,33 fl oz)
  • Kristallherz (Schmuck-Anhänger): Kristallglas, ca. 35 x 40 mm, ca. 20 g
  • Körperkristalle (für die Therapie): 1 Röhrchen mit ca. 25 Glaskristallen, Durchmesser ca. 4,8 mm, ca. 2 g
Unsere Kristalle unterliegen herstellungsbedingt und je nach Lichtverhältnissen Farbschwankungen. Die Darstellungen können daher farblich abweichen und sind nicht verbindlich.
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