Hilfe aus der geistigen Welt [Help from the spiritual world]

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  • help on our path of self-development,
  • explanations for unusual phenomena in and around our body, 
  • Further material on the energies of the Ascended Masters,
  • Guided meditation with the Ascended Masters,
  • written by Petra Schneider and Gerhard K. Pieroth
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A book about spiritual growth. Includes reports on experiences showing how loving support from the spirit world can help us to take transformational steps more quickly. With 21 detailed guided meditations to the 21 life issues of the MasterEnergies and tips on working with the LichtWesen Master Essences.

paperback, 239 pages, Windpferd Publishers, 3. edition (2000), ISBN 978-3-89385-318-2

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