Ra #44

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  • Being in the material world consciously,
  • Love for our body, the earth, matter.
  • integration of the earth-related transpersonal chakras (located underneath our feet),

tincture 30 ml (= 1 fl oz)

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Ra tincture
€81.67 / 100 ml
44 - Ra - SpecialEssence, tincture 30 ml


I live my life with high awareness within the material world.

With No. 44 awareness and consciousness, as well as the knowledge of our own resources, are rooted more strongly in the material world. We become conscious of our resistance against earthly life and against matter. The essence also supports us to integrate the divine spark into our body. Associated with the Gold Colour Ray.


Some users report they “see the world with different eyes”. They feel more respect and love for the material creation and are able to make out the spark of creation within material things.

The influence of this energy can be subtle. Some people did not feel anything at first but then noticed powerful actions and changes.

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