The Power of the Elohim

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Invite the powers of the angels into your life – every day.
Six short meditations from the bestseller Archangels and Earth Angels.

Guided meditation with music - Written and spoken by: Dr. Petra Schneider

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“I see this CD as a handy tool for everyday use. It has short meditations which I use again and again to gain clarity, to better perceive my intuition, to hear the voice of my inner wisdom in difficult situations, and also simply to relax and feel connected.” Dr. Petra Schneider


1. Harmonisation (9:16)
2. Giving things up to an angel (11:36)
3. Conference of angels (10:15)
4. Encounter with an Angel or Master (10:24)
5. Encounter with Melchizedek (11:35)
6. Elohim cleansing (7:48)
Total length: 60:54

ISBN 978-3-936102-02-3

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