Corona-Virus: what can I do energetically?

In times of crisis or when it is about health in general, it is important to stabilize the body energy system. What can we do?

Healthy eating and exercise are important. But also by analyzing the anxiety triggers that can additionally weaken the energy system we can stabilize our system. Stabilization can also be achieved with LichtWesen energy sprays such asEnergiesprays wie „Fels in der Brandung solid rock in crushing water) and „Meine Kraft“ (My strength): hey help ensure that the energy flows freely. As a result, we remain stable, in relaxed clarity and in strength.

Two key aspects for dealing better with the corona crisis are:
1. Don't be infected by panic and scaremongering: Fear is like a virus that is contagious - especially for people who easily resonate or are hypersensitive.

  1. Stabilize the body energy system: Anxiety “eats” energy and weakens, so that stability and the immune system suffer.

Suggestion  1: Protect yourself from the "fear virus"

Fear makes you unstable and inhibits the flow of energy. This affects the body's resistance and the energy system. One wonders what has a bigger impact, the corona virus or the fear virus. Fears now refer not only to the risk of infection and the fear of dying, but also to the scenario that the virus will damage the economy, corporate profits and the stock market. There is new terrifying news every day. This creates a concentrated energy field of fear to with which sensitive and hypersensitive people resonate.  Less sensitive people are affected by the flood of reports too, because it’s about your own body and your own life. With every cough or flu - which is currently increasing regardless of the corona virus - one wonders if you are infected.

How can I prevent fear from infecting me?

It is important to clarify your own energy field energetically and to stabilize yourself. The LichtWesen spray "Rock in the Surf" supports this. The energetic impulse ensures that you remain like a solid rock, even when the waves roar around you. Even if you are already in a spiral of fear, "rock in the surf" helps you to focus  on inner peace and clarity again. This makes it easier to step out of this common thinking and think realistically for you.

Sugggestion  2: Be a haven of peace: Imagine a rock in the surf

Imagine being a rock standing in the surf and use this picture for meditation too: the waves roar, but the rock is calm and stable. You are touched, but nothing knocks you over. Stay in this picture, feel it. It can happen that you are not the rock, but "floating in the roaring waves" and are therefore unstable. Then turn your attention to the rock, feel  its solid stability; feel that it has been in the surf for millennia and can withstand it. Repeat this each time when you watch the fears and panic taking your energy again.

The energy spray "Solid Rock in Curshing Water" can always give the decisive impulse for you to remain stable and not to be carried away - for example by the "fear virus".

Suggestion 3: Collective fields - pay attention to your thoughts and feelings

When many people think or do the same thing, collective fields form. These fields particularly affect everyone, especially sensitive people. You may even have noticed this yourself in the last few days: people tend to stock food and other things out of fear, as if all stores close tomorrow. Canned food, flour, pasta, even toilet paper is often sold out. When you enter a shop, it is easy to hang in the collective field of "buying hamsters" and have the feeling or the thought that you absolutely have to buy supplies. You buy more than you need, and even goods you don't need and never buy otherwise. It is helpful to observe yourself and register changes in mood, “panic thoughts” or compulsive feelings and actions. Be aware that this is the effect coming  of the field and not from you. Usually recognizing that is enough for stepping out of this field

If you want to deliberately separate yourself from a collective field, you can do this by using pictures. In the case of the "hamster buying field". I do it this way:  I imagine that I’m standing in a group of people who are almost panicking about filling their shopping carts. I then visualize a group of people who shop relaxed and carefully, without haste, without panic and with the knowledge "There is enough and I get everything I need". I then introduce myself to this group in the same way as I get out of a train at the train station and get on another. Such fields as the "hamster purchase field" unfortunately have a pull. It therefore happens that you quickly get back into this "hamster buying field", sometimes after just a few minutes. So you should keep an eye on yourself while shopping and "change" if necessary. Here, too, the LichtWesen spray "solid rock in crushing water". For example, you can spray it into the palm of your hand while shopping.

Suggestion 4: Recognize and transform your own fear triggers

If it is difficult to free yourself from the fear field, it helps to ask yourself: What exactly is touched in me? Is it fear of getting sick? Is it the fear that one of my loved ones will fall ill? Is it the fear of the economic impact? Will I be reminded of past epidemic scenarios?

When I have recognized what is touched in me, I can let transforming and clarifying energy flow into these resonance areas in order to dissolve it to the bottom (e.g. violet ray of the Elohim or Raunächtesspray). I can also use this transforming power when I am not sure what is being touched - and also to clarify more than I am aware of.

Suggestion  5: Stabilize the body energy system

In addition to sufficient exercise and healthy nutrition, it is important to get enough stabilizing energy. Grounding and earth power is important for a functioning immune system. The LichtWesen essence "Meine Kraft" (my strenght) supports the energy system to absorb more energetic power. Several energies of the red ray act in it, which promotes vitality and stability. The stability crystal also helps to remain stable.

These recommendations apply not only to the corona virus, but to all situations in which "fear is in the air" and the body-energy system needs more stability.