Energy of the year 2022

STRENGTHEN THE AUTHENTIC SELF AND INNER LIGHT - that is the issue of the year 2022

Information about the LichtWesen® annual mix 2022 by Dr. Petra Schneider

Annual mix 2022

  • Strengthen the core of your being
  • Recognize and develop the potential of the authentic self
  • "Burn" for your visions and tasks
  • Take and live your place in the world
  • Be aware and mindful, even in conflict situations
  • Dissolve limiting ideas, feelings, beliefs, points of view and traumatic experiences
  • Pay attention to inner guidance and wisdom
  • Strengthen your inner strength
  • Stabilize yourself again and again
  • Be creative, enthusiastic and playful

What can we expect?

In 2022 the focus will be on your inner potential, while in 2021 the main focus is on conscious creating and design. With inner potential not only abilities are meant, it includes all the gifts and possibilities of your authentic self, your true being. This part of your being can now be strengthened.

Out of the authentic self and the inner truth, visions and possibilities open up that lie beyond your previous experiences. This enables us to change and redesign our lives and the world.

The changes of 2021 will continue in 2022. The effects of the changes become visible. The general energy frequency remains high and continues to rise. This also makes hidden blockages and repressed stressful experiences visible. Some energetic techniques are no longer as effective as before. With openness and creativity, however, new and more efficient techniques can be developed.

How does the annual mix support us in 2022?

Every person has a core of being, an inner light that is unaffected by imprints, ideas, restrictions and blockages. The annual mix 2022 strengthens this essence, the backbone and the courage to stand up for our abilities, our truth and visions. It dissolves blockages such as limiting ideas, emotions and behaviors, so that we tap our potential and our possibilities more and more. As a result, we grow beyond our previously limited thoughts and actions and burn for our visions and the tasks that we have chosen.

The annual mix 2022 strengthens self-love and compassion for oneself and others. We understand ourselves and the other person better and react more calmly and tolerantly, without denying our values ​​and needs.

The high vibration frequency will also accompany us in 2022 and will continue to rise. The energy spray 2022 helps to loosen the limitations that become visible and to center and stabilize yourself again and again. It supports you in all growth steps and helps in difficult, conflict-laden situations to consciously recognize what needs to be learned, how you can use your gifts and how to deal with the situations in an easier or even playful way. New, creative behaviors and opportunities emerge.

The high energy frequency of the year can be a burden, especially to sensitive people. On some days one might feel driven, confused or disoriented and react intolerantly and aggressively. The energy can also lead to physical discomfort. The LichtWesen® energy spray 2022 centers, stabilizes and helps to adapt to the high vibration and to use it.

In the LichtWesen® annual mix 2022 contains the Elohim rays pink, gold and violet and the energy of Christ, Metatron and Tree.

How the individual energies work:

Focus: Strengthen the inner light, the authentic self

  • Elohim gold: Recognize and use one's true nature and potential
  • Metatron: Realize potentials that have not yet been manifested
  • Christ: Stand by yourself
  • Elohim pink: love for oneself, for one's true being

Focus: Release blockages, overcome limitations

  • Elohim violet: Clarifies and frees from blocking structures
  • Elohim gold: Strengthen one's true being and thereby overcome boundaries
  • Metatron: Relieves stressful and limiting structures, helps to recognize and use new techniques and
  • Elohim pink: Dissolves blockages through the power of love and self-love, helps to forgive oneself and others.

Focus: Increase love, self-love, compassion, and tolerance

  • Elohim pink: Feeling accepted, secure, loved
  • Metatron: Develop unconditional love for yourself and others
  • Christ: accepting oneself with light and dark sides

Focus: Stability and centering

  • Tree: stability, grounding
  • Christ: Strengthens the backbone, self-confidence

Focus: Awareness, mindfulness, serenity

  • Metatron: Promotes all-encompassing awareness
  • Christ: Stand by yourself and your truth, stand up for yourself
  • Tree: Remain calm even in difficult situations
  • Elohim gold: act mindfully and consciously

Supportive meditation: focus your attention on your inner light. Perceive how this inner light shows itself, what size it has, how much space it takes up in your body-energy system.

Then let your inner light shine stronger and become bigger (e.g. by imagining that you turn it brighter like with a dimmer on a light switch or by lengthening the wick of an oil lamp). Perceive what changes in you as a result (feelings, thoughts, visions, body feeling and posture). Then also see how a more powerful inner light affects situations and areas of your life.

Because the inner light has more power, it dissolves blockages, strengthens your inner strength, your courage and thus new possibilities and visions. Allow (or ask the spiritual world) that everything flows to you that you need to strengthen your inner light.

Finally, let the inner light occupy the space, brightness and size that are now suitable for you.

This meditation can also be done briefly in between, whenever you need support.

The energy-blend 2022 is available as a tincture and in a pink-gold LichtWesen Bead. The bead works permanently when it is worn and can also be used in the following years for these themes of self-development.


Application of the essence: apply once or several times a day, fan or spray into the aura and energy centers. You can also put the energy spray into the oral cavity. The annual mixture can be easily combined with other LichtWesen® essences.

General information on the annual energy

Every year has challenges that apply to all people. The annual blend of energies helps to cope with this. It can be used throughout the year or specifically in the phases in which you need support. The topics of 2022 will be active from October 2021 on. Until March 2022 the energies of both years will overlap. It can therefore make sense to use both annual mixtures during this time, even at the same time. In addition to the overriding annual energy, there are additional topics that are relevant for a few weeks. In the “Energy of Time” Infoblog by LichtWesen® you will find a description of the current situation and which energies then have an additional supportive effect.