Queen in my Realm - scented spray and Zirconia-Jewelry

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"Königin in meinem Reich"

  • Open yourself up to your own feminine path and the joy of it.
  • Grow beyond narrowing role models; become aware of your own qualities and use them
  • Connection with your own being and the feminine power

Limited Special Edition: Available in limited quantities as a scented spray with jasmine, 30 ml (= 1 fl oz.) and as a piece of jewelry made of zirconia and silver




Take one’s place calmly, confidently and in an upright posture. Be connected to your own being. Rest in yourself, open yourself to life in its joyful fullness and act out of this awareness. Feel like a queen. When old and no longer contemporary limitations dissolve, the view becomes clear. Talents become visible and can be lived. This energy strengthens the connection to the female power and enables new female structures to be developed. In this way, women can look at the behavior of other women and men and try out whether they also fit to them and make their lives easier. It is a pleasure to discover your own feminine path - whether with the small children in the playground or on the executive chair.

The essential oils of the fragrance spray are deliberately chosen so that they appeal to the feminine side and strengthen through the aroma therapeutic effect.


Included energies:
Maria, Lady Portia, Lady Nada, Angelika, Lao Tse
Elohim silver, gold, green, yellow
Haniel, Chamuel


Limited Special Edition. Only available in limited numbers.

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  1. Hat mir bei meiner Prüfung total geholfen!
    „Vor meiner Abschlussprüfung im Lehramtsstudium habe ich eine Zeitlang und auch direkt vor Beginn der Prüfung "Ich werde respektiert" und "Königin in meinem ... “
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