Gateways to the Light

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Five meditations on

  • partnership,
  • vocation,
  • health,
  • prosperity,
  • ourselves,

and how to clarify and heal these.

Also ideal for people who do not have much experience with guided meditations.

Written and spoken by: Dr. Petra Schneider

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Five meditations which connect us to the  inner attitudes to the issues of partnership, profession, health and prosperity and help us to recognise ourselves.  Each issue can be cleared up and healed with the power of the angels. This CD will provide interesting and valuable insights, making your everyday life much easier – even if you do not immediately receive images. Each track can be heard as an individual meditation, or tracks can be combined.


1. Energetic clarification and connection to Heaven and Earth (7:55) 2. Clarification of the 5 issues (35:40)
3. Clarification meditation for an issue that can be freely chosen – also useful to gain insights into current situations (11:45)
Total time: 55:20

ISBN: 978-3-936102-00-7

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