Saint Germain tincture #15

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  • liberating ourselves from dependencies, entanglements and burdensome feelings Recognising that we always have a choice,
  • during re-orientation in relationships, or cases of love sickness. Helps to ‘reframe’ – finding a new point of view to look at other people or situations,
  • unravelling karmic entanglements

water-alcohol – 30 ml (= 1 fl oz)

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Liberates us from the things that stop us from being free: outdated behaviour and thought patterns, false self-images, karmic entanglements, apparent dependencies, obstructive belief patterns. Emotional attachments are transformed. This can change our viewpoint so much that we can even laugh at ourselves and the traps we fell into. We recognise that we can choose whether to change something or leave it as it is. Either way, we have to bear the consequences. This essence also helps to change behaviour patterns we keep repeating even though we no longer want to behave that way.

Saint Germain is associated with the Violet Colour Ray.

Also available as:

oil - scented (to rub onto skin/for massage): almond, sesame seed and sunflower seed oils, with the aroma of lavender (30 ml = 1 fl oz)

Energy Sphere (jewellery pendant): synthetic rock crystal with golden cap

Tincture spray

Apply once or several times a day 

  • onto parts of the body (for instance, on the pulse of the wrist, on the cervical spine area or on places with ailments),
  • into your aura or energy centres.
  • The tinctures can also be sprayed into the mouth cavity.
  • Also suitable as an addition to bathwater, to massage oils or to cosmetics such as shower gel and body lotion.
Aqua (Wasser), Ethanol (Weingeist), 30 ml (= 1 fl oz)

Auch erhältlich als:
  • Öl mit Duft (zum Auftragen auf die Haut/für Massage): Mandel-, Sesam-, Sonnenblumenöl, Duft: Lavendel (30 ml = 1 fl oz.)
  • Energiekugel (Schmuck-Anhänger): Glas, Aufhänger vergoldet, ca. 12 mm Durchmesser, ca. 4 g
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