Ra tincture #44

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  • Recognising how the divine manifests on a worldly level,
  • Love for our body, the earth, matter. Integration of the earth-related transpersonal chakras (located underneath our feet),
  • opens our eyes to the state of unity within matter

tincture: water-alcohol 30 ml (= 1 fl oz)

€81.67 / 100 ml
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The Ra essence helps awareness and consciousness, as well as the knowledge of our own resources, to be rooted more strongly. We become conscious of our resistance against earthly life and against matter. In turn, Ra then leads to the insight that there is only one basic energy – a fundamental light – that gives rise to everything. Then we gain an understanding of the teaching that every phenomenon is just a film on the screen of formless being.

Tincture spray

Apply once or several times a day 

  • onto parts of the body (for instance, on the pulse of the wrist, on the cervical spine area or on places with ailments),
  • into your aura or energy centres.
  • The tinctures can also be sprayed into the mouth cavity.
  • Also suitable as an addition to bathwater, to massage oils or to cosmetics such as shower gel and body lotion.
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