My Delight #54

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  • joyousness and joviality; acting with great enthusiasm; not taking life so seriously,
  • in order to escape a pessimistic attitude; helps overcome depressive moods and lethargy,
  • kindles our inner joy

water-alcohol – 30 ml (= 1 fl oz)

€81.67 / 100 ml
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The essence My Delight activates our inner joy, enabling us to master even difficult situations more easily and hence more creatively. Life no longer seems so hard; we manage to see the glass as half-full instead of half-empty. Tasks we are due to complete and difficulties are then seen less as a burden and more as a challenge that can activate and enliven our talents.

Associated with the Yellow Colour Ray. The tincture contains the energy of Earth Angel Sun, Archangel Gabriel, Yellow Creation Ray, pink sapphire, and gold topaz.

Tincture spray

Apply once or several times a day 

  • onto parts of the body (for instance, on the pulse of the wrist, on the cervical spine area or on places with ailments),
  • into your aura or energy centres.
  • The tinctures can also be sprayed into the mouth cavity.
  • Also suitable as an addition to bathwater, to massage oils or to cosmetics such as shower gel and body lotion.
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