BePresent Crystal 60mm #47

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  • being aware of our self; being present,
  • being alert and attentive with all our senses; handling tasks with focussed clarity and inner peace,
  • integrating our true self

room crystal - 60 mm diameter

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BePresent helps us to fully perceive our environment and own state of mind. By strengthening our outer and inner senses, this energy establishes interconnection between analytical thinking, intuition and perception.

Users report that they experience this essence as relaxing and focussing at the same time. Restless thoughts calm down so it is easier for them to focus on things that need to be done. They feel more alert, clearer and filled with a powerful inner peace. This essence helps us master necessary tasks from a position of powerful centredness.

With BePresent it also becomes easier to recognise the all-encompassing presence of self within us. The energy of Be Present does not come from an entity but directly from the 'Space of Being'.

Also available as: tincture (to spray on).


  • For living, sleeping, and working spaces,
  • put on the desk / bedside table, integrate into the room decoration.
  • Crystals can also be worn on the body, e.g. in the shirt or trouser pocket
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