Ruhig bleiben (Stay calm)

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  • Helps horses in developing strong nerves, staying calm and mastering anxious situations
  • For sensitive and anxious horses; for challenging situations such as New Year's fireworks, hunting season, thunderstorms; in new surroundings, when horses change owners; when horses are ridden by different or untrained riders;
  • Stimulates the energy flow and strengthens balance
€96.67 / 100 ml
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Riders know these situations: fluttering tarpaulins, ghost corners in the hall, loud noises like on New Year's firework - and then the flight instinct appears. Sometimes, just the rustling of trees will do. Since horses are herd animals, such panic reactions can also infect the rest of the herd.

With the energy spray "RUHIG BLEIBEN” (STAY CALM), horses become more balanced and calm-minded, in the stable, on the meadows or in the fields. It is also supportive before and in unusual situations such as hunting season or firework and can also be used during appropriate training.



  • In die Handflächen geben und übers Fell streiche
  • Bei der Fellpflege nutzen; intensiviert dann auch die Beziehung zwischen Pferd und Mensch
  • Oder einige Sprühstöße aufs Futter sprühen
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