Botschaften der Seele - Download

Messages from the soul, touching us with gentle and loving words - in order to strengthen our connection to our soul and remind ourselves of our true being,

with moving background music from Robert Haig Coxon

Author: Marianne Merckens - spoken by Dr. Petra Schneider and Marianne Merckens (in german only)

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This CD has messages from the soul, touching us with gentle and loving words. These messages remind us of the knowledge of our soul and our path, of the meaning of this life and the beauty of our true being. This is how the soul reaches out to us to help us restore harmony and alignment with it. We find our way back to inner peace, to ourselves, and to our true home.

While we are listening we establish a connection to the power and love of our own soul.

In german only


1. Paths (4:36)
2. Waking up (5:56)
3. Connection (5:09)
4. See and experience (4:13)
5. Waves of Time (2:33)
6. Birth of a soul (4:20)
7. Transformation (2:01)
8. Silver Shine(2:59)
9. Longing (2:56)
10. Yes (4:31)
Total length: 39:30

ISBN: 978-3-936102-17-8

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