Elohim Body Crystals - set with 12 colour rays

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body crystal set of the 12 Colour Rays of the Elohim
12 tubes, each with at least 25 crystals of one colour, plus one empty tube, tweezers in a sturdy, transportable aluminium box with lined drawers

further information on the applications: Practice Manual for the Colour Rays

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The topics of the 12 Colour Rays of the Elohim:

Blue - peace and order
Yellow - delight and vitality
Pink - unconditional love
White - clarification and further development
Green - regeneration and well-being
Red - vital power and stamina
Violet - transformation and liberation
Turquoise - agility and creativity
Magenta - access to and expansion of consciousness
Gold - awareness and male principle
Silver - renewal and a different view
Crystalline - connection

Body crystals

Stick body crystals with plaster, tape or body glue on the skin (chakras, acupuncture points or areas with discomfort. You can also wear them on the body in the small glass tube or in a small cloth bag.

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