Stability body crystals

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  • stabilising energy system and body
  • for any situation that demands stability; in phases where we are inwardly uneasy or upset and fear that the ground will be pulled from under our feet,
  • finding our way back into an order that works, even after disturbances

1 tube with approx. 25 glass crystals - diameter approx. 4,8 mm

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This energy stabilises our aura and body. A stable body-energy system can neutralise internal and external interferences and disturbances, including moods, challenging situations and stressful energies, helping us to repeatedly restore our stable equilibrium.

As a crystal, bead or jewellery addition, the Stability essence has become a constant companion for many people. Its impact can be felt on emotional, psychological and physical stresses, such as difficult contacts, stressful situations, insecurity or over-sensitivity.
The Stability Crystal carries the powers of Archangels Michael and Raphael, Ascended Master Victory, the Crystalline Elohim Ray, the Gold Creation Ray, Black Tourmaline and Verbena.

The energy for Stability is also available as the LichtWesen essence Stability and Development.

Body crystals

Stick body crystals with plaster, tape or body glue on the skin (chakras, acupuncture points or areas with discomfort. You can also wear them on the body in the small glass tube or in a small cloth bag.

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