Bodyguard rectangular for bracelet

The LichtWesen Bodyguard protects and accompanies you.

  • stabilising the aura and energy system
  • enhancing attention
  • strengthening our inner power

Size: approx. 9x29 mm


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Bodyguard rectangular
Bodyguard rectangular
Bodyguard rectangular with rubber strap 17.5 cm
Bodyguard rectangular with rubber strap 19.5 cm
Bodyguard rectangular with rubber strap 20.5 cm
Bodyguard rectangular with rubber strap 21.5 cm


This energised jewellery stabilises and strengthens, leaving you feeling empowered and liberated.

The design of the Bodyguard is a new interpretation of the common Nazar amulet used against the “evil eye” – made from exclusive materials: silver, palladium and sapphire (synthetic).

The Bodyguard carries the following energies: Archangel Michael, blue and silver Elohim Ray, Djwal Khul, moonstone, black tourmaline, milk thistle.

The Bodyguard can be worn as a chain pendant or attached to a rubber bracelet. The rubber bracelet can also be used for other LichtWesen energised jewellery: Bodyguard circular, Eye of Horus, Sun Disc, Radiant Sun). The bracelet has a clip made of silver and is available in various lengths.

Erzengel Michael, blauer und silberner Strahl der Elohim, Meisterenergie Djwal Khul, Mondstein, schwarzer Turmalin und Mariendistel.

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